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Josh Cochran launched a new tumblr today of dirty littlecollaborative gif animations. Not many illustrators are known for “playing well” with other illustrators but Josh is the pied piper of collaboration.

Guess which part is my contribution on this guy (Answers below):


ƃuɐnɥ uɐɥʇɐu sƃǝl /lǝıuɐp ɹǝɟıuuǝɾ ʎpoq /uɐɥ uoɾ pɐǝɥ

wow, so pretty

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Rat Pack Interiors

1964 Sammy Davis Jr., May Britt, & son Mark Davis at home.

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1955 General Electric Wonder House | Miami, Florida | Photo: Tom Leonard

General Electric Wonder House in Miami, Florida, overlooking Biscayne Bay, designed by architect Robert M. Little, decorated by H & G with Waldo Frank Perez of Burdine’s: rear of house overlooking pool and Biscayne Bay 1955 © Condè nast Archive - Via